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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Novacool be used with my existing foam proportioning systems? What about Compressed Air Foam Systems?
    Yes, Novacool carries UL listing under the NFPA 18, 2006 edition and contains no ingredients that will harm your existing foam equipment. Many departments are currently using Novacool UEF in place of typical “Class A & B” foams as their additive source for compressed air foam systems (CAFS).
  • Do I need to have a foam eductors to use Novacool?
    No, in the absence of a foam proportioning system using a foam eductors is optimal. However, as stated above the solution can be mixed directly into the tank or used through a foam proportioning system. However, if added directly to the tank we recommend some agitation to ensure adequate dilution. Batch mixed Novacool will biodegrade in about 28 days.
  • Does Novacool UEF leave sticky residue or any other hazardous biproducts?
    No, Novacool UEF is fully biodegradable, non-corrosive and non-toxic.
  • Can I mix Novacool UEF with other foam products?
    Yes, Novacool UEF has been mixed with many other types of foam and no adverse reactions have been noted such as congealing or drying out. Novacool UEF will not cause any concentrate to de-foam including AR type.
  • Can I batch mix Novacool UEF directly into the tank of my truck?
    Yes, several departments have placed Novacool UEF directly into their tanks without any problems. Novacool UEF is usable with eductors, injectors, CAFS, or batch mixed; it’s non-corrosive and has no adverse effects on tanks, pumps, valves, or portioning equipment. Batch mixing is particularly necessary for departments that have older trucks or smaller brush trucks that may not have foam-proportioning systems. Novacool UEF is applied at 0.4%. A 500-gallon tank of water only requires 2.5 gallons of Novacool. A brush truck with a 250 gallon tank only needs to carry (1) five gallon bucket of Novacool UEF. This (1) five gallon bucket will treat 5 tanks of water at 0.4%. Novacool can be used all the way down to 0.2% for certain class A fires and still be effective.
  • Will this void my warranty on my new engine or truck?
    No, Novacool UEF is UL listed and certified to N.F.P.A. 18, 2006. In general most manufacturers design their tanks to accommodate foams certified to these standards.
  • What about Lithium Ion or EV Battery Fires?
    UL acknowledges that lithium battery fires are Class B fires which explains why Novacool is able to extinguish the polypropylene carbonate electrolyte which is what is actually burning. Novacool emulsifies with this electrolyte, just as it does with hydrocarbon fuels. Once emulsified, the electrolyte is no longer flammable. Just as you can extinguish a pool fire with enough water, you can do the same with these battery fires, and it takes voluminous amounts of water. Novacool drastically reduces the amount of water required in both instances.
  • Is Novacool UEF corrosive? Do I need to worry about it fading my paint, or damaging my equipment?"
    No, Novacool UEF contains no harsh detergents, or other ingredients that will damage the environment. It does not have adverse effects on the truck or the property you are protecting.
  • Is Novacool UEF harmful to the environment?
    No, Novacool UEF is non-toxic and biodegradable. Novacool exceeds EPA guidelines and has been extensively tested. Novacool contains no EPA or DOT reportable ingredients and does not contain any nonylphenolethoxylates (Nape’s) or glycol ethers.
  • How long does it take for Novacool to biodegrade?
    Usually 3 to 4 days depending on bacteria, sunlight and temperature. 10. Is there any special training that is required? Do I need to buy new nozzles or anything else? No, if you already using class A or B foam on a regular basis, then you are ready to go. The only training that is required is for the pump engineer who needs to know what percentage is required. Departments can use existing equipment, including nozzles, etc. There are however, some techniques that will enhance the application of Novacool, but typically these techniques can be accomplished with existing equipment.
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